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Technical SEO

Ensuring your site is properly structured and includes all of the technical elements for SEO is critical to start building valuable, organic website traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the—incredibly involved—practice of strategically updating technical, content and location-focused elements on your site so both search engines and users love your site. Only when you’ve successfully appealed to both sides will you have a strong foundation to grow your site’s traffic in a meaningful and business-building fashion.

Our involvement with SEO focuses on the technical and content aspects of your site, to ensure your site health is strong and your focus keywords are properly built into page/post content, metadata, markup schema, and more.

Technical SEO Optimization Marketing

Strategic & Powerful Search Engine Optimization

We start your SEO journey with a technical SEO audit using SEMRush. In this phase, we uncover and fix any technical issues with your site that could hinder your ability to rank higher on Google and Bing. Once we’ve handled your initial technical audit and fixes, we’ll set up a weekly audit to detect & resolve new issues.

We will then perform research on your market, amongst your competitors, in your geographic location, etc. in order to find out what your users are searching for to find businesses that provide the products and/or services you provide. We’ll analyze these keywords and queries against your current rankings and devise a strategy to boost your site content to better rank for these focus keywords.


Proper and professional Search Engine Optimization does not only cater to search engine bots—just as much, it caters to the human beings that will be using your site. If you fail to consider the user-experience, they will find your site but won’t stick around.

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